Recent Advances in Rare Liver Diseases

Posted On 2020-11-20 13:54:34

In editing this focused series on the novel advances in rare and undiagnosed liver diseases, we hoped to highlight, using specific examples, the burden of these diseases, their complexity, the unmet needs for the patients and their families, as well as the opportunities to learn more about pathophysiological mechanisms and targets that can also be applied to more common liver diseases.

Rare and undiagnosed liver diseases: challenges and opportunities
Luca Fabris, Mario Strazzabosco

Review Article
Novel approaches to liver disease diagnosis and modeling
André G. Oliveira, Romina Fiorotto

Evolution of the liver biopsy and its future
Dhanpat Jain, Richard Torres, Romulo Celli, Jeremy Koelmel, Georgia Charkoftaki, Vasilis Vasiliou

Inherited iron overload disorders
Alberto Piperno, Sara Pelucchi, Raffaella Mariani

Recent advances in Wilson disease
Maryam Moini, Uyen To, Michael L. Schilsky

Alagille syndrome and non-syndromic paucity of the intrahepatic bile ducts
Melissa A. Gilbert, Kathleen M. Loomes

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency liver disease
Dhiren Patel, Shannon L. McAllister, Jeffrey H. Teckman

The acute hepatic porphyrias
Bruce Wang

Giant cell hepatitis associated with autoimmune hemolytic anemia: an update
Silvia Nastasio, Lorenza Matarazzo, Marco Sciveres, Giuseppe Maggiore

Fibrocystic liver disease: novel concepts and translational perspectives
Alberto Lasagni, Massimiliano Cadamuro, Giovanni Morana, Luca Fabris, Mario Strazzabosco

Hepatoblastoma: current knowledge and promises from preclinical studies
Diego F. Calvisi, Antonio Solinas

Liver transplantation for rare liver diseases and rare indications for liver transplant
Michele Finotti, Pasquale Auricchio, Alessandro Vitale, Enrico Gringeri, Umberto Cillo

Genome editing technologies to treat rare liver diseases
Marta Trevisan, Giulia Masi, Giorgio Palù

Undiagnosed liver diseases
Emily Gao, Julian Hercun, Theo Heller, Sílvia Vilarinho

Primary sclerosing cholangitis
Anahita Rabiee, Marina G. Silveira

The series “Recent Advances in Rare Liver Diseases” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Gastroenterology and Hepatology without any sponsorship or funding. Luca Fabris and Mario Strazzabosco are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.